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Are FIBERTOP manhole covers recyclable?

M.M.’s manhole covers bear the CSI RECYCLABLE COMPOSITES MARKING according to what is established by the Particular rules Doc. 003/13 based on the UNI EN 13430:2005 standard. The certificate of conformity FRP20005 certifies that manufacturing scraps of gratings, structures, enclosures, manhole covers and fiberglass coverings (which are all M.M. products, a specialist in the production of this type of materials) can be recycled, i. e. they can be used again in other manufacturing cycles.

This is the first step towards the realization of a completely recycled product which may have its own place in the market in light of an increasing environmental awareness by clients who are keeping a green and sustainable trend.

Sustainability is the key word for the future. M.M. has long since embraced productive procedures which comply with current regulations, both for reducing energy consumption and for increasing the recyclable percentage of production waste as well as minimizing soil, air and water pollution.

The energy requirements for the manufacturing site are met through a PV system. The air filtering and extraction system has been ampliatod to reduce emissions to the environment. This means that M.M. is able to propose products with a “green soul” without any impact on the high-performance standards of its products.

Several projects to create a system for recycling composite materials have been developed together with other stakeholders in the sector, many of which are financed with EC funds.

This is why M.M. takes active part at work groups organized by ASSOCOMPOSITI, which is an important association in the field of composite materials in Italy and which has a close work relationship with other European associations such as EuCIA and FEMS, as well as by making part of Italian associations like Uniplast and FINCO, to make available M.M.’s own experience and ideas.